Avaliable dates for 2019 season

  • 29.11.19 – 05.12.19 (Group 1 – 4 places ; group 2 – 6 places)
  • 07.12.19 – 13.12.19 (Group 1 – 6 places ; group 2 – 6 places)
  • 15.12.19 – 21.12.19 (Group 1 – 6 places ; group 2 – 6 places)
  • 23.12.19 – 29.12.19 (Group 1 – 0 places ; group 2 – 6 places)



A place hidden in the heart of Siberia, famous for its excellent snow at the beginning of the winter season. The area is all about pure backcountry, no cable cars, helicopters or snowcats. And for this, together with the nature and isolation, we love to spend here about a month each year. The amount of snow sometimes impresses even the most sophisticated riders. In the area you can find a lot of forest descents, extremely vigorous pillow lanes and nice glades. The ascents here are quite small, up to 600 m, so there is an opportunity to do 2-3-4 runs per day and capture a variety of places. The average slope is 25-30 degrees, which makes it comfortable to ride even with a very large amount of snow. The proximity of many spots to shelters is quite useful – there is always the opportunity to return and warm up or relax. Shelters are mostly simple – chalet with stove, simple kitchen and dining on the first floor and a sleeping place on the second, we cook for ourselves on the gas stove. Possible accommodation in more comfortable conditions (beds, 3-4 people + meals) by prior arrangement. In the shelter area there is stable phone connection and a very weak Internet. The climate in the region is sharply continental, which gives us cold, dry and long winters, the temperature fluctuates between -10 and -15 degrees. Winds occur in the highlands, in the forest zone, everything is usually calm.

Bivy set

We will live in comfortable lodge with beds and linen, but it still might be better to bring a sleeping bag for warmth at night. Ocassional blackouts might occur, so having an external battery for your devices will be a good idea.

– sleeping bag -5 comfort;
– external battery for recharging devices, spare batteries;



Flight to Novokuznetsk or to Novosibirsk, with a subsequent move to Novokuznetsk (this option will be cheaper if you collect the company for a transfer). It is better to arrive in a day to sleep off and if necessary, buy food. Further early in the morning start from the station in Novokuznetsk on the train with a transfer in Mezhdurechensk. We arrive before 10-00 and can make several runs on the first day. On the last day we catch the train on 15 45, so we can also make several great runs.

Accommodation and Food

A cozy hut in the forest, quite simple but comfortable. Stove heating, electricity and fridge, beds with linen (still good idea to grab your sleeping bag for cold nights and coziness), water in the spring nearby and Russian bath. We have meals 3 times a day, various kinds of food, menu is negotiable.

Required equipment

– ski tour setup (skis or split-board, skins);
– avalanche equipment – transceiver, probe, shovel;
– telescopic poles;
– goggles;
– backpack 30-35 liters;
– helmet;
– first-aid kit;
– thermos;
– headlamp;
– spare batteries for transceiver and headlamp ;
– sunglasses;
– a basic set of tools for repairing your skis/splitboard;


Price: €750 / person (6 persons per guide),including mountain hut accomodation, food and all transfers, prepayment of €300 per person.

For booking or any additional info feel free to contact us by snowlinestouring@gmail.com