It is an area for ski mountaineering and spring glacier skiing, located just above the wonderful Kazakh city of Almaty. The area is rich in a variety of lines – steep fields, narrow couloirs and complex technical runs. So first of all the place will be interesting for experienced riders, confident in any terrain and snow conditions.


Tuyuk-su is located about 20 km from Almaty. The glaciological station T1, our base camp is at an altitude of 3450 m, the glaciation zone starts a little higher. Peaks up to 4200 m high with descents of varying degrees of complexity are at our disposal for riding. The end of May is the best time for touring in this region – comfortable day and night temperatures, relatively stable weather and a large amount of snow.

Touring equipment

– ski tour setup (skis or split-board, skins);
– avalanche equipment – transceiver, probe, shovel;
– telescopic poles;
– goggles;
– backpack 30-35 liters;
– backpack 80+ liters for approach;
– helmet;
– first-aid kit;
– thermos;
– headlamp;
– spare batteries for transceiver and headlamp ;
– sunglasses;
– a basic set of tools for repairing your skis/splitboard;

Climbing equipment

– alpine or climbing harness;
– ice axe 50-60cm;
– alpine crampons;
– screwgate carabiners, 4–5 pcs ;
– quickdraw carabiners, 3–4 pcs;

– cord 7 mm, 12 meters;
– ice screw 16–22 cm, 1 pc;

Program 19.05-30.

3-4 days of ski tour from station T1, after that descent to the city and  full day of rest, then another 3-4 days of ski tour.


In Almaty, we stop at Backpacker’s Hostel, conveniently located for our needs, in the mountains we live on the glaciological station T1 (3500m) in barrel shelters. Some can even be lucky with the stove. Food is cooked on burners, we buy gas and food in advance in Almaty and bring it up by ourselves.


Arrival in Almaty, Kazakhstan, meeting at the hostel. The first throw for 3-4 days, after a full day of rest with a return to the city, then another 3-4 days of skiing.

Bivy set

– sleeping bag -5 comfort;
– a mat;
– a mug, a spoon, a bowl, a knife;
– a wash-bath set;
– gas lamp (for coziness, heat and light in shelters without electricity);
– burner + pot (or JetBoil);
– a rope that can be pulled to dry clothes in the house;
– external battery for recharging devices, spare batteries;

Requirements for participants

– Extreme travel insurance;
– Excellent riding skills;
– Good physical condition;
– Acclimatization and experience in mountaineering are welcome

You can get prices and any additional info by sending us a message via snowlinestouring@gmail.com